The Le Trio
Le Trio is an ensemble that conjures a sidewalk cafe in the evening or a Sunday afternoon in the park.
We perform music from all over the world: French musette, waltzes, tangos, tarantellas, boleros, old time swing, Tin Pan Alley favorites, Ukrainian folk... all to create an atmosphere of charm, romance, and good times.

Le Trio is available for concert performances and to provide that certain "je ne sais quois" ambience for your social gathering, business event, restaurant, hotel, or night club.
Also, Le Trio loves weddings! We offer the unique ability to perform both traditional ceremonial music and lively dance numbers for your reception guests. Le Trio stands out from the crowd of ensembles not only because of our wide ranging and compelling repertoire,
but also because we are a versatile and compact ensemble that can perform in situations most others cannot.
Limited space? No problem, all we need is approx. 10' x 10'. No electricity/volume concerns? No problem, we are a completely acoustic ensemble.
In any situation, Le Trio's goal is to help ensure you and your guests have an experience that creates memories to last a lifetime.
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